Do you have designer dresses getting cob webs in your cupboard?

Consign with us to make your money back and help reduce fast fashion.
Consigning is a great way for your dress to get some well deserved love, whilst making your money back. More information on the process and terms is below. 


  • Simply email us with your Dress details including size, brand, name of dress, bank account number, original pricing and when it was purchased. A photo would also be required. 

  • RMO will be responsible for the hiring, posting, packaging, and cleaning of garments/dresses. However, we are not responsible to reimburse for damaged garments. This falls on to the renter who has signed our rental agreement with clear terms and conditions. Please read these to see what they are and are not responsible for. We take great care of our garments to upkeep the quality and extend the life as long as possible. Please note that general wear and tear is only natural in the nature of a rental company. It is unavoidable and please take this into consideration before consigning. 

  • As a consignor, you will receive 50% of the fee after post, tax and cleaning fees have been accounted for. This will be deposited into your bank account after it has come through our payment company. If you do not receive payment for your rental within 4 weeks, please let us know. 

  • We will have all consignments in our studio. If you are not comfortable having your garment in our studio, this service will not work. 

  • If you are wanting to wear your garment, please simply email or DM me so I can make it unavailable to book during that time. You are required to pay for post, or to pick up from the studio on the date.

  • We accept dresses and garments which are of a high quality or in excellent condition. They must be dry cleaned or professionally cleaned when sent to us. If they are not, we will charge a cleaning fee. 

  • All garments must be authentic and designer. If they are not, we can decline the rental and will send back. It also must not be more than 2 years old. 

  • We will inspect each garment upon arrival, if there is damage or wear and tear, we will be in touch to discuss repairs and if this dress or garment will be a good fit as a rental. 

  • We will take care of the cleaning and repairs on garments. We will also decide the pricing of the rental based off the price paid for the dress, and the condition it is in. 

  • RMO is not responsible for NZ Post and their business processes. If a garment is lost, RMO will not be liable for the replacement cost to the Consignor. However, this has never happened to myself or anyone I know. 

  • This agreement is valid for a 6 month period from when I receive your rental. If your dress if not rented within 6 months. We have the right remove it from our collection and will send it back to you. You can renew this contract every 6 months. 

  • You must not list your garments for sale or on other Rental Business platforms while you are consigning with us.